Élixirs de fleurs Lily Circle

Dédié à  offrir aux guérisseurs, thérapeute et à tout ceux qui désirent guérir leur corps-pensée émotionnellement, énergétiquement et spirituellement, des élixirs floraux purs et à haut taux vibratoire.

Julia Graves is a flower essence practitioner, creator and master herbalist. She was raised in Germany by an herbalist mother and orthopedic surgeon father. Julia studied herbalism, traditional European medicine, anthroposophic massage as well as cupping as a teenager. She then studied medicine at Kiel University for four years. She wrote her doctoral thesis on her ethno-medical field research on traditional midwives and healers in a remote area of Zimbabwe. Thereafter, Julia trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist. While working as a flower essence counselor for the past 25 years, she focused on working with children, women, and families, as well as using flower essences in energy body work.

Has been a spiritual teacher and herbalist for 20 years. Jackie soaked up herbalism in his native Haiti where biomedical care is unaffordable for the masses and the veil to the spiritual world thin. A film maker and electrical engineer, he worked as the chief broadcast engineer and manager for CUNY TV. He has studied Western and Eastern mysticism extensively since the age of 14, and spent three years in India studying in a Buddhist monastery.